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Mother and child
17 October 2017

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22 May 2018

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Yellow dots
7 September 2014

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Lovely Vegetables
13 April 2014

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It's close.
7 February 2014

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And ... Now ... Autumn
23 September 2013

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Duomo In milan
23 July 2013

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Charles Bridge
6 December 2012

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Moulin Rouge
26 November 2012

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A house on the roof
20 November 2012

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Do you "need for speed" ?
5 February 2011

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In concert
9 November 2010

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Are you STABLE?
22 August 2010

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In her eyes
19 April 2010

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Is the cup empty?
7 March 2010

Recent Comments

avin on The tower

Existence Artistique on Dogs
belle lumière

k@ on Reflection
Sinking palace is beautiful.

Existence Artistique on Reflection
bel effet

omid on Shapes
چه نگاه و ثبت خووووبی

Luca Bobbiesi on Yellow lines
Wonderful work!!!

Existence Artistique on Yellow lines
superbe cet horizon

Michael Skorulski on Yellow lines

Existence Artistique on Lines
bel effet

Existence Artistique on Old wood
génial ces deux plans

Existence Artistique on lOOk

Existence Artistique on Shapes
oh beau

Existence Artistique on Iranian Frame

Existence Artistique on ZOO
oh c'est superbe,c'est une intéressante recherche

Existence Artistique on The tower
c'est superbe

Michael Skorulski on The tower

Existence Artistique on Santa Maria del Fiore
belle vue

Existence Artistique on Happy Time :)

Existence Artistique on Open your wings
un travail bien recherché

Michael Skorulski on Open your wings
Quite exotic and amazing.

beach on Open your wings
Nice shot. Looks like Ashurbanipal.

Dimitrios on Open your wings
cool shot

Existence Artistique on Fountains

Michael Skorulski on Fountains
A beautiful composition.

Existence Artistique on Bricks
excellent travail de recherche

Dimitrios on The tower

Darkelf Photography on The tower
Excellent composition.

Existence Artistique on The tower
c'est un bon travail de recherche artistique

Existence Artistique on Palace
intéressante recherche

Gérard on Palace
same weather last week for me at the same site !

beach on Closed
Great perspective

Existence Artistique on Tree of life

Ronnie 2¢ on Tree of life
Very 'different' - a fascinating effect.

Existence Artistique on Faloodeh - Yazd

Existence Artistique on Silence

Homa on Red DOT
well spotted!!

Existence Artistique on Fresh

Michael Skorulski on Fresh
A lovely composition

Existence Artistique on Red DOT

Michael Skorulski on Red DOT

Existence Artistique on Light and lines
intéressante recherche

AMIR BABA on Light and lines

Michael Skorulski on Light and lines
Lovely. 5 stars.

Existence Artistique on Road
génial cette partie de droite

Existence Artistique on The Square
bel effet

Existence Artistique on Zoom

farNaaz50 on Zoom
نیکای دوست داشتنی شجاعانه پیش میرود :)

Existence Artistique on Circles
c'est du bon travail

Existence Artistique on Pearls

Michael Skorulski on Pearls
Great idea and interesting.

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